From Chaos to Clarity: CyberArrange Your Security Strategy.

At CyberArrange, we design and implement bespoke security strategies, offering a suite of services from penetration testing to organizing cyber excercises and ensuring businesses remain resilient in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


What can we do

Network Penetration Testing

Proactively secure your network. Our experts simulate real-world attacks to pinpoint vulnerabilities, ensuring robust defense against cyber threats

Combining low-risk vulnerabilities to uncover high-risk threats

Unearth hidden threats. We combine multiple low-risk vulnerabilities to identify high-risk weaknesses, fortifying your system’s defense.

Identifying vulnerabilities beyond automated tool detection.

Uncover the unseen. We identify vulnerabilities missed by automated tools, ensuring a comprehensive security review.

Assessing IT's attack detection & response capabilities

Evaluating your internal IT team’s proficiency in identifying and countering cyber threats, ensuring your organization’s resilience

Evaluating Security Controls & Tech Effectiveness

Assessing the efficacy and configuration of your security technologies, from antivirus to data leak prevention, to ensure optimal protection



Cyber security exercises help employees of organizations gain life-saving experience before real cyber incidents happen. Since it is not wise to use organizations’ real systems in exercises, exercises are usually performed in simulated environments prepared by security experts, such as cyber ranges

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AI-supported tests

We leverage the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize cybersecurity testing. Our AI-driven tests are meticulously designed to adapt, learn, and evolve, mirroring the dynamic nature of modern cyber threats. Instead of relying on static, predefined testing patterns, our advanced AI algorithms assess systems with predictive analytics, recognizing vulnerabilities even before they manifest. This proactive approach ensures that security measures aren’t just reactive but are several steps ahead of potential breaches. 

Latest testimonial

CyberArrange’s dedicated team of experts left no stone unturned in assessing our system’s vulnerabilities and ensuring that customer data remains confidential. This process allowed us to identify and address potential security gaps to enhance the overall safety of our Enpulse product.

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